Nille is the dude from Stockholm whom you’ll find at Speakeasy Tattoo Parlour he’s also a regular guest artist at Studio Blanco Tattoo in Stockholm.

He was born and raised in Stockholm and is always in a good mood, always humble and very inspirational for those around him. He usually works out of Speakeasy Tattoo Parlour but can also be seen at Sanctum Tattoo and as a guest artist at Studio Blanco Tattoo, all in Stockholm.

His journey started as a shop-manager at East Street Tattoo in 1998 and a few years later he got an apprenticeship here. A couple of years later he started working at King Carlos Tattoo where he stayed until he opened Salvation Tattoo that he had  for eight years.

Nille is very humble towards all of the tattoo artist he’s gotten to work with during his years in the industry and looks up to many of them, among others he mentions Inge Norlin, Doc Forest and Calle Corson.

He finds inspiration through other artist and photographs, but since he mostly does animal and nature themed motifs, most of his inspiration comes from – you guessed it, nature. He describes his style as minimalistic, bold and straight forward.
He feels lucky to have the opportunity to do as many of his own designs which also makes his job that much more fun. He tries to be open to new ways to express himself which makes him more focused and secure in his way to design new motifs.
The best thing about being a tattoo artist is that it’s a great way for him to express his creativity and a good way to meet new people.

Some of his best tattoo related memories are from the end of 1990 when he went to San Francisco and got tattooed by some of his idols in the business, Scott Sylvia, Eddy Deutsche and Juan Puente. He also feels proud when he looks back to the days when his apprentices, Carl Vänman and Eric Olsson officially could call themselves tattoo artists.

What makes the Swedish tattoo scene unique is how well educated it is, both the artist but also the clients. They know exactly what they want and who they want to make it, which makes everything easier.

And speaking of clients, are there any do’s and don’ts when you’re going to get tattooed? -Be open to what your tattooers advice. Don’t bring all your friends, they usually have a lot of opinions and it’s you who’s going to have to live with your tattoo.

Lastly, is there any tattoo artists you’d like to read about on Swedish Tattoo Society? – It would be fun to read about Joel Madberg, Klara Meri and Henric Nielsen.
Thank you Nille for being a part of Swedish Tattoo Society!

Instagram: Nillesalvation

Speakeasy Tattoo Parlour , Sanctum Tattoo
& Studio Blanco Tattoo.