Andreas is a great guy that is genuine and speaks his mind, one of the best people I have met.

How Long have you been tattooing? And how did you get started?

I have worked as a tattoo artist full time since 2014.

Do you have a special style of tattoos that you like too do? And are they called something?
I like to work with geometric designs. I’m stepping further in to it and I’m open and curious about mixing different elements. Symmetric tattooing is very appealing to me.
What is your best memory from tattooing?
I have so many, it’s hard to limit myself, but it’s a great feeling when things run smooth and everything works out trough the whole process from designing to tattooing.
What’s your worst?

Probably when I did my first dream catcher all over the back on this chick. It was summer, real hot. And I was still a shopkeeper. She just came from the gym and sweated of the print within minutes and I had to puzzle it together. It took me probably double the time and I was sweating so much during the whole session. In the end it turned out good and she is still happy with the result.What was the last gift you gave someone?I gave away a t-shirt, a seashell and some body wash to a beautiful Cree woman in Hawaii the other day.Is there a difference between the tattoo community in Sweden and in the rest of the world?My experience is limited so far so I cant answer that.Do you have a favorite tattoo convention in Sweden?I’m not a convention guy but I guess Stockholm Ink Bash is good.Do you have any tattoo artists that you look up too?

I look up to Andy Blanco, he blows my mind with his versatility and focus.
Also, Dillon Forte, Tomas Tomas, Cleo Wattenström, Judical Sacred Skulls and so so many more..

A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Hola Amigo, come with me, I hope your ready for some next level shit!

And finally are there any Swedish tattoo artist you would like me to interview?

Tompi from House of Pain and Calle from King Carlos.

Thanks Andreas for being a part of The Swedish tattoo society 

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