I met Malin for the first time when she was working as a guest-artist at Studio Blanco Tattoo in Stockholm. Malin is a easy going and humorous metal head who is often spotted at different tattoo conventions around the world.

Malin has been a full-time tattooer since 2010. She started out as a apprentice in ‘08 for Nicke Borg (No, not the lead in Backyard Babies) who was working at Galleri 19 in Köping, Sweden. Though Malin did not do her apprenticeship at this studio, but rather in Nicke’s house because he had just gotten a kid. Malin went home to his place every night after school while she was in gymnasiet* When she finally graduated in 2010 she opened up her own studio where Nicke helped out. She ran the studio for about two years until she moved to Örebro where she has been working at Elite Artwork since 2013.

Her style can foremost be described as realism, at least for now, both in black and gray and in colour but she tries to grow as an artist and always tries to challenge herself to not get to comfortable with any style. When I ask her about which tattoo artists she admires she mentions Nikko Hurtado, Paul Acker and Lianne Moule.

One of her favorite tattoo memories is the one where she won a prize for best newcomer for opening the first and only tattoo studio in Arboga.
Her worst memory is also from the studio in Arboga, where a spanish couple came in and seemed to live out a sexual fantasy they had, during the time Malin was tattooing.

-She was moaning loudly and he was in front of her, patting her head and was going like “yes, oh yeah baby yeah”
This lasted for about three hours and Malin was by herself in the studio with them.

My last question for Malin was who she’d like to read an interview about here on Swedish Tattoo Society.
– It would be a lot of fun to read about Jacob Pederson at Crooked Moon.


With that we thank Malin for being a part of Swedish Tattoo Society.

*equivalent to high school

Malin Carper
Elite Artwork
Storgatan 20, Örebro
Mail: malin@carperink.se
Site: carperink.se
Instagram : malincarper