From Västerås with love. Black tattoos or realistic tigers with clear blue eyes, Mike can do anything!

Hi Mike!
Welcome too the Swedish tattoo society, where are you from? 

I’m born in Stockholm by a Latvian mother, but I went to school in Västerås. After some years of lurking around different places in the world I’m now back in Västerås again.

How long have you been doing tattoos and how did you get started?

I’ve been doing tattoos for about eight years professionally. Before that, me and my friends used to build machines as teenagers by using Sony Walkman motors on a spion and syringes. They ran on 9v batteries and the result wasn’t awesome but the passion was built there.

 Which studios have you worked on?

I’m currently at Royal Arch Tattoo i Västerås, and before that I ran a studio in Strömstad for about almost six years called Karma Tattoo.

Do you have a special style of tattoos that you like to do? And are they called something?

I like to do black and grey tattoos, with texturers, and I love doing fur, some people would probably call it realism.

What is your best memory as a tattoo artist?

For me it’s every happy customer, and all the laughter and joy of creating their tattoos together are the best memories. I’m living the memories together with my customers and my fellow tattoo artists as we speak.

What’s your worst?

I don’t know really, and that’s a good thing right ?

Do you have a favorite tattoo convention in Sweden?

I’m probably gonna say Stockholm Ink bash or the Umeå Tattoo Fest

Do you have any tattoo artists in the world that you look up to?

Well I think we all do, and they pop up in the thousands every day on Instagram. It’s an awesome tool too see talented artists.

Are there any Swedish tattoo artist you would like me too interview?

We have quite an awesome scene in Västerås, so anyone from here basically, like Johanna or Jayjay at Bluebird, my colleague Frej Lind, and many more.

Where do you get your creative from?

My kids definitely.

What would you say are some do’s and don’ts in the studio?

Be happy and enjoy creativity and laughter, don’t be a sourpuss.

Whats the best part of being a tattoo artist?

The free spirit of being one with creativity and to do what you feel like. It’s awesome.


Thanks Mike!

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